Rainforest Readers’ Theater 2018

Today we performed a Readers’ Theater version of “The Great Kapok Tree”.  They made their puppets this week and performed for our Kindergarten Book Buddies this morning.

Enjoy the performance!  And remember…save the rainforest!!


Passion Story of Jesus (Class of 2018)

This week is Holy Week, so we’ve been focusing on the story of Jesus from Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday.  The students were assigned parts of the story, and created the people and props that went along with their assigned parts.  Then, using a green screen app, they filmed their portion of the story, using green Starbucks straws to move their characters without being seen.  Once all the parts were put together into this iMovie, it tells the whole story of the Passion of Jesus Christ!

Here is their finished product.  Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter (and Spring Break!!)!!

(Not sure why there’s a random man as the thumbnail for our video…maybe an ad?  I promise if you click play, you’ll see our class project. Technology…gotta love it…)

4th Grade Fashion Extravaganza 2016

Yesterday, the 4th grade classes hosted a Fashion Extravaganza!  Outfits were created from some of the most mis-matched pieces of clothing we could find. Then the students worked together to write creative descriptions of the clothing, in order to make it sound like the next greatest fashion trend.  Below is a video of our Fashion Show.  Our crowd was very enthusiastic, so a few descriptions are difficult to hear, but the students did an awesome job with this project!  And, let’s face it…they look fabulous!

National Punctuation Day 2016

This past Friday we celebrated National Punctuation Day with an English-themed day.  From comma studies to Phonetic Punctuation (by Victor Borge…hilarious, check him out!) to Sentence Surgeries, we had a packed full day of punctuation fun!  Below are pictures of our Comma People (where we practiced using commas in all their various uses correctly), Sentence Surgeries (where we operated on sick grammarians, repairing their grammar mistakes with band-aids), and a video of our version of Phonetic Punctuation.  Enjoy our National Punctuation Day fun!!