25 days to go, and counting!

25 days until take off, and I’ll be on my way to Kenya!  🙂

Currently we are working on our VBS teaching items, crafts, music, and games.  We are making our own VBS because many of the pre-made ones that churches do here in the US are a bit over the heads of our students there.  We want to give them the basic message:  God created everything, then we messed it up, but Jesus came and fixed it so we can be in heaven with him someday.  Period.  I think it’s fantastic!  🙂

We’re also in the final stages of medications and vaccinations.  Tomorrow I go for my appointment to get my malaria medicine.  I’ve heard interesting things about the medication and side affects, so hopefully all goes well!  🙂

If you live in the New Haven area and want to help out, one of our crafts uses used dryer sheets, and we would love some donations if you have any lying around.  🙂

More to come as the weeks, days, and hours draw closer.  So excited!!


Upcoming Excitement!!

In just 33 short days, I will be joining a group from my church on a mission trip to Kenya.  We will be in Kisumu, near Lake Victoria.  While there, we will run a VBS, organize a medical clinic, and work on various building projects.  I hope to have access to the Internet as often as possible while over there, so keep checking back for updates, both before we leave and while we’re there.  Stay tuned to read more about this exciting opportunity!!

Can’t wait to see this for real!!