10 More Days!


As I sit here, with my arm throbbing slightly from the last round of immunizations I got today, I can’t help but think that we are one day away from single digits in the countdown!  WOW!  Months of planning, and here we are!

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

~Last immunizations
~Starting up malaria meds
~Tuesday we packed and inventoried 10 suitcases full of supplies, gifts, medical items, quilts, backpacks, crayons…and anything else we could get in to bring to the people we’ll be working with…entertainment came in the form of Thom and Pastor working very hard to get the suitcases to close
~VBS items are just about ready to go

Here’s what we have left to do as a team:

~Final reviewing of VBS items
~Last minute details
~Only one more meeting before we go!!

Here’s what I have left to do before leaving:

~Obviously, pack
~Shop for items I need to take
~Parent-Teacher Conferences
~Enter grades for Report Cards
~Meet with my sub
~Last minute details

So, as you can see, we’re still very busy, but as we get closer, I can’t help but feel we are so prepared.  How amazing to be getting ready for a trip where we are as prepared as we can be in terms of safety, passports, medicine, and other concerns that come with travelling internationally.  What a great team I have to work with!!

10 more days, 10 mores days…ahh!!!  🙂


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