Leaving on a jet plane…


Today’s the day!  In just a few short hours, we’ll be loading the church bus and heading to the Ft. Wayne airport to catch the first of 3 flights we’ll be on in the next 24 hours.

Itinerary recap:

Fort Wayne to Detroit

Detroit to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam to Nairobi

We’ll be in Nairobi overnight, so possibly I’ll be able to update again at that point to let you all know how things are going.  Not sure on the Internet situation that night, though, so we’ll see.

We’ll leave Nairobi the next morning to drive to Kisumu.  This will take a few hours to get there.  Once there, we hope to set up Skype and talk with the kids at Central, for chapel.  Can’t wait to see my kids on the screen!!

I guess that’s all for now.  Pray for safe travels for our team as we begin the long process of getting there.


2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane…

  1. Matthew Bergholt October 25, 2011 / 10:02 AM

    Hey! Have fun in Kenya! Take LOTS of pics!

  2. Hannah November 6, 2011 / 1:10 PM

    i miss you i can’t wait to see you on tuesday!!!!!


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