Safe and sound in Nairobi!!


I am writing to you from our Guest House in Nairobi, Kenya!  We arrived here around 8:30 Tuesday night (1:30 Indiana time) and spent awhile at the airport getting our luggage, getting our Visas (document that gets you into the country),  and going through customs.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me recap our journey to this point.

We left the Fort Wayne airport around 3:30 on Monday afternoon.  Arrived in Detroit around 4:30.  We ate dinner at the Detroit airport, then went to our gate to check in for our flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was about 8 hours long.  Luckily, that flight was not full, so once the plane was in the air, we were able to move around to empty seats to have more legroom.  Got some sleep on the plane, but not much.  When we arrived in Amsterdam, it was about 9am their time (2am or so Indiana time).  We pretty much went straight from that gate to the next one heading to Nairobi, because you have to go through additional security at the gate.  The Amsterdam airport had many tulips, because of all the tulips the country is known for.

Once we got through the security at the gate, we didn’t have long to wait before boarding our flight to Nairobi.  That flight also took about 8 hours.  The legroom was VERY limited, and the plane was full, so no chance of moving to a more spacious seat.  Needless to say, I could not wait to get off that plane.  Then, as I mentioned before, we arrived in Nairobi around 8:30, and after doing all our paperwork and grabbing luggage, we met Pastor Meeker, and he had a small bus waiting to take us to the Guest House.

They made us a nice dinner at the Guest House, and even though it was already after 10pm, we gladly ate.  After the airplane food, the grilled tilapia, potatoes, and rice were delicious!

I am writing to you from my bed, complete with a mosquito net around it!  Very “Africa”.  Tomorrow we leave early to drive to Kisumu, which is where we will be staying for the remainder of the trip.  Pastor Meeker says it will be about 6-7 hours in the bus to get there.  Once there we hope to Skype with Central for their chapel service.  Hopefully that works out!!

More to come tomorrow.

~Miss R.~


One thought on “Safe and sound in Nairobi!!

  1. Jim Brockmann October 25, 2011 / 7:42 PM

    Happy that you made it safe and sound, oh wait, sound is still questionable, well happy for the safe part anyhow.
    My first night as chief cook and bottle washer I went to McTeacher night for a nice meal in a great atmosphere. Second night was ham salad sandwich and sliced apples alla extra crunchy Jiff.
    Remember not to spoil Cheryl’s sleeping schedule!
    Praying you all will have a safe and productive time with the Meeker family. Please say hello to both from me. Jim B.

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