First day of VBS and construction

This morning was our first day of Vacation Bible School. Our story for the day was creation. The kids knew this story a little bit already, and it was neat to see how their teachers added to what our group was teaching. The kids also loved the songs, and even though we didn’t speak the same language, music always has a way of communicating beyond words. They really loved JOY, so special thanks to Emanuel family fun night for teaching that one to me, and now to these kids in Kenya. The craft was tissue paper flowers. They were pretty. And of course, the kids loved games, and in the spirit of everyone wins, they all got prizes to take home.

After a delicious lunch, cooked right there for us, we headed up to the construction area, where they are building a new school building. Pastor and I worked on building a stone wall, while other jobs included sifting dirt to make cement, shoveling rocks, cutting wire, and building scaffolding for the posts that will hold up the building. I hope we get to be even more helpful when we return there tomorrow.

Back in Kisumu, we cleaned up and had a Bible study at the hotel. Then after dinner, we soon headed to bed.

Tomorrow brings VBS day 2 and more building.

-Miss R.


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