2nd Day of VBS and working

Today we switched the order of events, construction in the morning and VBS in the afternoon. When we arrived in the morning, we headed up to the worksite. We were assigned jobs and got to work. My job was to add water to the cement/rocks/dirt mix they were using to fill the columns for the school. It was a useful job, but not very exciting, as most of the time I watched to see when the water was needed. Pastor Meeker came to my rescue and asked if I wanted to help down at the school. The kids were still in school that morning.

It was morning break, so I went down and joined them. Some kids from other schools had joined them, so we couldn’t really teach what the teacher had planned. We sang songs and had then draw pictures of all the things God had created, since that was our VBS lesson yesterday. I was helping to lead songs, and had the kids sing some songs for me. As they did this, I just stood and listened. The songs literally moved me to tears. They were singing about Jesus their Savior, and it was the most moving experience I can remember ever having. Wow. God is good.

We got to help serve the kids lunch. They got a bowl with some kind of stew and potatoes, and not a single bowl was left with food in it. The cooks ran short of food because there were the extra kids today. They bought some bread at the nearby market and used that for the rest of the kids. Pastor Meeker said that many of the kids come to VBS to get lunch, but he hopes that in doing so they are fed with the word of God as well.

VBS in the afternoon was awesome. We had 308 kids today, and are expecting near 500 tomorrow. The only problem was that we ran out of crafts for the last group, but they were very excited to have a piece of candy instead.

We hurried back to the hotel after VBS, to clean up and eat an earlier supper, because we have to pack a bag of 10 items for each child who will be attending VBS tomorrow. If you were paying attention, that is 500 or so bags to fill tonight. We will have our work cut out for us, but I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces tomorrow when they get their bags.

-Miss R.


2 thoughts on “2nd Day of VBS and working

  1. kristi October 28, 2011 / 10:39 AM

    I am moved to tears by your post. Blessings to you all and the “food” you are providing these children of God.

  2. Dennis Herman October 28, 2011 / 8:26 PM

    It appears God is blessing your efforts once again this year in Kenya. We are praying that God works through all of you to bring the story of Jesus, our Savior, to all the people you touch on your journey. To God be the Glory!

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