Last day of VBS, Worship, and Lake Victoria

This post is for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was our last day of VBS and construction. We did VBS in the morning, since there was no school. We had 510 kids attend VBS on Saturday. I can’t remember seeing that many kids together at one time before. It was awesome. We did our final story, which was the story of Jesus rising from the dead. The crafts were angels and flowers, and we did jumprope for the games. After VBS ended, we sent each child hem with some sort of gift. Many of the kids got the gift bags we put together the night before, but we didn’t have enough items to make 500, so some kids got a keychain or necklace. They were al so happy and excited to receive these gifts. They were items that many of us don’t think much about, like a toothbrush, pencil, or balloon. The joy on their faces was incredible.

In the afternoon, we did our construction and other work, after we finished feeding all of the kids. They had enough rice and beans to feed every child. What a blessing. The progress on the school building since our first day is incredible to me, since they don’t have ANY power tools of any kind. We also have a few computers working, and 5 good sewing machines that are all working that Shirley and Sandy have been working on for days. These will be very useful.

Many of us are sunburned. A note to those of you who plan to travel to Kenya someday: use sunscreen. So, we found a solution to our sunburn growing right along the side of the road. We picked leaves from an aloe plant, peeled off the green outer coating, and rubber the juice on our arms, necks, and faces. It worked really well!

After VBS, we went back to our hotel to clean up, and met the Meeker’s for dinner at a place right by the shore of Lake Victoria. We watched a gorgeous sunset and enjoyed a good meal. Then it was back to the hotel for devotions, and off to bed.

Sunday was a different kind of day. We didn’t have any work planned, as it was a Sunday. So, before church, we drove to the Meeker’s house to give the gifts from the sponsors to the kids. I tell you, it was like Christmas morning. Those kids were so excited. Even those without sponsors all received a quilt, beanie baby or doll, and a bag of items from VBS. They were thrilled. It was awesome to watch.

We left there to go to church. The church is located at the same area as the school grounds we’ve been working at all week. The worship service was really neat. Most of it was not in English, but we could kind of tell where we were in the service with some of the translation that was being done. The singing of the hymns was really fun. Members of the congregation just started singing whatever song they wanted, and everyone else joined in. The service lasted about 2 1/2 hours. The kids sat outside the church (along with the adults who didn’t fit inside), and the rest we’re inside on chairs.

After church was lunch, then we got to walk down to the shore of Lake Victoria to watch the fishermen fixing their nets and cleaning fish. Lake Victoria is the second largest lake in the world, and probably the dirtiest. The water was literally green. Beautiful view, though, if you didn’t look too close.

On the way back to the hotel from the school, we stopped at a market to look at some items made by tribes in the area. Very intimidating shopping, they all want you to come to their booth, and can be quite pushy. I bought a few things (Christmas gifts, 4th graders!). Then we went back to the hotel, had devotions, and got dinner.

We did shop at the local “walmart” type store, and bought food for a family with 7 children and no roof. We also got supplies for makeshift bubbles for the kids at the Meeker’s: strainers, dish soap, and bowls.

I also have decided to sponsor one of the kids here. Her name is Marianne, and she is so precious.

We are doing much, and I wish we could be doing more. Tomorrow is our first day of medical clinic, and some may continue helping with construction.

Pray for all of these kids. Their stories will just break your heart.

-Miss R.


2 thoughts on “Last day of VBS, Worship, and Lake Victoria

  1. Barb Habeshy October 30, 2011 / 10:24 PM

    We have been praying for you every day. It sounds like God is using you to minister to the Kenyan people and you are having the experience of a lifetime! Please keep the stories coming – they are fascinating! By the way, your children miss you a lot here!!!!!

  2. Dennis Herman October 31, 2011 / 8:35 AM

    You are all a blessing to these folks. Keep up the Good Work! You are blessed to be a blessing!

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