And…we’re back!


We’ve been back in New Haven for over a week now.  Pastor Stecker had talked to us prior to returning about a feeling of letdown that someone on a mission trip might have once returning to their everyday lives.  I have to tell you that I absolutely experienced it.  When discussing this at our wrap up meeting this week, none of us could actually put a finger on why we felt that way, but we all did.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of knowing we did so much, and there is so much left to do there.

Or maybe it was all the friendships formed in such a short time that we had to leave behind.

I think, though, that it mainly has to do with the idea of service.  While in Kenya, it was so easy to see how we were serving others.  Teaching VBS, working on construction, providing free health care to a community, building a mud hut for a family…these things are very visual, and very dramatic ways of serving!  Once back to our normal lives, it’s difficult to compare our jobs to the jobs we did over there.

So, I have been constantly stopping and reminding myself that yes, what we did there was amazing.  God was truly with us every step of the way so we could serve those in Kenya and help make their lives better through Him.  But I also have to remind myself that what each of us do here in New Haven is amazing as well.  I teach school, other teammates work in offices, manage other people, fix things for others, work with technology, preach, and organize different projects.  Every one of these positions has its own opportunities to serve.  While they might not be as flashy as mudding a hut, God will continue to use us in our everyday lives.  If we are willing to watch for it, He will show us how He wants to use us here to serve others.

In the words of one of my favorite songs we sang at VBS: God is so good, He’s so good to me.


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