First Day!

We had a great first day of school today in 4th grade!  We went over rules and procedures, did some partner and group activities, and talked all about our Olympic unit that will be starting tomorrow.  Check out the pictures to see what we were up to today.  🙂


Aren’t they sweet?


This may be more typical?  Only time will tell!  🙂





We did cup stacking today, but with a twist.  You still had to build the pyramid tower, but you couldn’t use your hands.  Or, later we clarified, your body at all.  Only what was given in the bag, which was this string and rubber band contraption.  We did really well!!  🙂  Teamwork, my friends.

Olympic opening ceremony on Friday!  Until then, we’ll be having a great week in 4R!

~Miss R.~


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