First Field Trip!

Today was the first field trip of the year.  This is one that neither Mrs. Hofman nor I have ever been on, and I think we both agreed it was a very educational experience.  I know my brain is on overload right now from all of the information we learned today!!

We started our day at the 1893 Schoolhouse.  We wrote on chalkboard slates, learned that sitting up straight for a long time is really hard, and got to see what happens when you misbehaved in school back in 1893.





After our time at the schoolhouse was done, we drove over to the Swinney Homestead to eat lunch and visit the Log Home (NOT a cabin!) located there.  We learned a lot about life in Indiana in the early 1800s, what it took to travel to Indiana from the East, and what life was like in a log home.  We also learned that gourds are very useful.  Ask your children all about the different things pioneers were able to do while they “made do with what they had”!  🙂



Mrs. Hofman and I were excited to hear all the different things mentioned that will be coming up in Social Studies throughout the year!  I’m excited to see what we are able to remember from this field trip to help in our Indiana History lessons this year.


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