Operation Christmas Child Projects…Pre-Packing Day

In just a few days we will pack as many as 400 shoeboxes to send to the Operation Christmas Child program through Samaritan’s Purse.  This is a great project our school has been involved in for a few years now, and there is always such great support for it.

Our class is participating by bringing in boxes and items to use, but we also did a group project during our Art time on Friday to make some items to send along in some of the boxes.  We took donations of used, old t-shirts, and turned them into tote bags that can be used to hold all sorts of things.  I’m envisioning a child carrying groceries home to their family in one of these, but I’m sure they’ll use them for all sorts of things.

Anyway, we ended up with 46 bags to send.  Check out these pictures of the process.  🙂


Showing of the t-shirts before we cut them up.


First you cut off the arms, then cut out the neckline…


…then you cut slits along the bottom hem, and ties the strips together to close it up.  That’s it!


Showing off some of the finished bags.


We ended up with 46 finished bags.  The scraps are being made into bracelets this weekend…I’ll try to add a picture of those once they’re done.  Such a great cause to make items for!!  To God be the glory!!  🙂

Sunday night edit: We also ended up with 85 scrap bracelets, and probably could have made even more, if time had allowed.  What a great recycling project!


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