Football Math Review

Boy, did we have a fun day today in 4R!  We tried out a new review game idea that I picked up at conference this fall.  The basic idea is that we had a football “field” in our room, and two teams.  All students solved every problem, and the problems were timed.  At the end of the time, I either pulled random names from our name cup, or had all students hold up their answers.  If they were correct, they advanced one yard line.  If they were incorrect, they stayed where they were.  Once they reached an endzone, they scored a point for their team, and then turned around and headed back toward the other endzone to try and score again.

We had a blast playing, and I think we’ll be seeing this game again in the future!  🙂

And now, of course, some pictures from our day:


Our playing “field”


The green team


The yellow team


Working on some problems…check out those game faces!


It’s getting intense at mid-field!


(There’s a problem up on the board, I promise!)


The yellow team wins!


Group picture!  (Special shout out to Isaac’s family for the use of the referee shirt.  I felt very official…get it?!  Official!  Hehe…)

We enjoyed the rest of our day with our desks pushed off to the side.  It was fun learning on the floor with clipboards instead of desks and the floor instead of chairs.  Not how we want to spend every day, but it was definitely a fun experience!  All in all, another great day in 4R!  🙂


PS- Our Math Test over Chapter 8 (which we reviewed for with this game!) is on Thursday.  Study those division facts!!  🙂


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