Chinese New Year- Chopstick Day

Today was an exciting day in our study of the Chinese New Year.  We have already made paper lanterns, talked about how rice and silk are made, and read a few Chinese folk tales.  But today we learned how to eat with chopsticks.  A very valuable lesson for anyone learning about the Chinese culture.

We first practiced with fruit snacks and goldfish crackers (which were harder than they looked!), and then moved on to bigger and yummier things.  One of our room parents brought in noodles and chicken, both of which were delicious!  I borrowed a rice cooker to make sticky steamed rice, and another family made “sushi” out of rice crispy treats and fruit roll ups.  Quite the delicious spread!

The students were then given the option to take their chopsticks to lunch if they wanted.  (I chose today because of the popcorn chicken meal we were having at lunch…seemed chopstick appropriate.)

Enjoy these pictures from our day today.  Some are of us practicing, and some are at lunchtime.  (Watch out for the chopstick cheaters!)


Um, yummy!


Practice makes perfect!



They’ve got it down!  They can even pick up trash with their chopsticks!


Now trying it with real food!


Boots: a clever chopstick holster for carrying to the lunchroom.


Trying it with our lunches!




Yogurt?  Impressive!


Such fun times!  🙂

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