Physical Science Mini-Lessons

Today for Science class, we had just a one-period opportunity to talk about a few science topics that are not covered in our book, but that are interesting and fun to learn about!

We covered mixtures and solutions, and also physical and chemical changes.  Using different items, we were able to demonstrate the difference between each of these things.

Mixtures have two or more substance combined, but can be separated back into the original substances.  Examples include fruit salad, salad, or trail mix (which we made in class).  Solutions have a substance dissolved into another substance, and it is very difficult, or impossible, to separate the substances.  Examples include Kool-Aid, lemonade, or salt water (which we showed in class).

Physical changes are a change in size, shape, or state of matter.  Examples include crumpling paper, breaking a pencil, or folding paper (which we did in class).  Chemical changes are changes that produce a completely different type of matter.  Examples include rust, baking, or Diet Coke with Mentos (which we did in class…fun!).

All in all, it was a fun afternoon, and hopefully even with just an hour or so of class time, these items will sound familiar when they are studied in future school years.  🙂


Trail mix (mixture), Salt water (solution), Origami penguin and crumpled paper (physical change)


Showing off our Physical change penguins!


Mentos in Diet Coke (chemical change): Ready…set…


…GO!  🙂


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