“Can You Beat Miss Renzelmann?” Bowling Party!!

Today was the prize day for our class AR competition.  Each year, I challenge my kids to see who can read more than me.  We all take AR tests all year, and at the end see who has earned the most points.  In the years prior to this one, I had one boy win each year.  No big deal, right?  And usually, we were pretty close.  This year?  I didn’t stand a chance!!  I had four kids who read more AR points than me this year…and by at least 100 points or more!!  Congratulations, kiddos, and I hoped you enjoyed our bowling party prize today!  I know I did!!  🙂


Our pizza was 1/2 cheese, 1/4 pepperoni, and 1/4 sausage.  I’ll bet the kitchen loved us!  🙂




Isaac was a PRO at this crane game!


He won two frogs, and dog, and a little bear!!  I was so impressed.  🙂


Proof that I beat these kids at SOMETHING this year!!  🙂


Justin won our second game.



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