Main Ideas, Synonyms…and Our First Math Test!

This week we had a few big topics to study.  Our theme during Reading this week was Main Idea & Details.  To help get the hang of this concept, we did a few different activities during our centers time.

For one activity, the students read a fact card about an animal of their choosing.  Then, they created a “table” where the table top was the main idea of their fact card, and all of the supporting legs were details from their fact card.  These turned out really neat, and most of them stood on their own!  🙂


All of the completed tables



A few close ups of the tables

The other Main Idea & Detail activity that we did was a sorting activity.  The students were given 2 main ideas, and 10 details.  They had to decide which details went best with which main idea, and then cut out and glue the pieces onto an ice cream cone.


The main idea is on the cone, and the details are on the scoops.  Some of the details were tricky to match to their main idea, so this activity took longer than many students thought it would at first!

In English this week, we talked about complete sentences and synonyms.  We made “helping hands” to help us remember the different parts of a complete sentence (5 parts/5 fingers: capital letter, end mark, subject, verb, makes sense) and taped them to each student’s desk to help with future writing activities.  We also made “synonym rolls” to help explore the world of words beyond “big”, “small”, “happy”, and “sad.”  We were hungry for vocabulary!


Close up of a “roll”: the word they started with went in the middle, and the synonyms went around the swirl.  (This one even has some frosting!)


Cooking up some delicious adjectives.  Yum!

Finally, this week was our first Math test.  To help review, we had some volunteers help out by becoming large numbers for us.  Those in their seats had to write the different numbers in word form, expanded form, find the place and value of certain digits, and round the numbers.


(They were having more fun than it appears…I caught them off-guard.)

Another fun week in 4R!


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