National Punctuation Day!

Yes, look it up, September 24th IS a recognized day: National Punctuation Day!  We celebrated today by having English class all day long!!

Our first English activity was a salute to the comma.  Students had to think of 4 different examples of proper comma use.  After completing those examples, they used construction paper to create a comma person to attach to their examples.  Not only were there many creative and fun examples of comma use, but there were also some pretty amazing comma people!


After finishing our comma people activity, we watched a video by a classic comedian, Victor Borge.  He does a whole set called “Phonetic Punctuation,” where he assigns different sound effects and motions to different punctuation marks, and then reads a portion of a book while also reading the punctuation out loud.  Needless to say, we were giggling up a storm at certain parts.  Here is his video:

After watching, we paired up and did our own versions of Phonetic Punctuation, using the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems.  The students assigned their own sound effects to their books, and performed portions of their stories for us.  It was a hysterical way to bring attention to the punctuation we take for granted every day!

After lunch, our final activity of the day was Sentence Surgeons.  Students had to operate quickly to save the lives of their patients.  (Badgrammaritis is no laughing matter!)  By fixing grammar mistakes with small band-aids, the patients were revived to their proper grammar states.  It was definitely a blast seeing our classroom transform into an operating room for the afternoon.








We ended our celebration with amazing punctuation treats.  One of our fabulous room moms baked these for us (with special thanks to the Cheap Cookie Cutters website for the awesome punctuation cutters!), and they were definitely a treat enjoyed by all!!


Happy National Punctuation Day!!


One thought on “National Punctuation Day!

  1. Julie Leffin September 26, 2013 / 9:41 AM

    You are awesome Miss Renzelmann!! Your students will thank you for this one day!

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