Off We Go…

…into the wild blue yonder?  Or something like that.  🙂

Today’s the day!  Today we leave for our mission trip to Kenya.  In just a few short hours, we will be boarding a plane out of Fort Wayne, and begin our 2-week long journey that is sure to change our lives forever.

Here is our itinerary recap:

Fort Wayne to Detroit: about an hour or so flight

Detroit to Amsterdam, Netherlands: about 8 hours

Amsterdam to Nairobi, Kenya: about 8-8 1/2 hours

And of course various layovers in between.  Once we reach Nairobi (on Tuesday night), we’ll be spending the night at a guest house before leaving the following morning (Wednesday) to drive to Kisumu.  The drive will be about 7 hours long, on some of the worst roads you’ll ever encounter.  (Don’t worry, the Dramamine is packed!)

I hope to update Tuesday night once we are at the guest house, as long as they have internet.  If not, then you will hear from us on Wednesday once we reach Point of Grace in Kisumu, which is where we’ll be for the majority of our trip.

Prayers are appreciated as we begin our journey.  Pray that we have safe travel and that our luggage all arrives safe and sound.  Pray that the children and community members we come into contact with come to know more about their Savior, Jesus Christ.  Pray for good health for all involved.  Pray that everyone involved in this journey is brought even closer to God.  Keep us in your prayers.

Asante (thank you)!


One thought on “Off We Go…

  1. newhavenjimNewhavenjim October 14, 2013 / 7:48 PM

    After all that flying I hope you did a little jogging just to keepin shape! Everyone is buzzing about your blogs already…… pressure…..just letting you know……oh and it wasn’t mom either.

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