Traveling, Traveling, Traveling…and Skype!


Phwew!!  We finally made it to Kisumu.  As many of you already saw during chapel on Wednesday, we arrived safely to Kisumu at about 6:00 Wednesday night.  Now, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me recap what has happened on our journey so far.

Our itinerary was supposed to be: Leave Fort Wayne at 5:23pm Monday night, arrive in Detroit around 6:30pm, get to our next gate to board our 7:45pm flight to Amsterdam, arrive in Amsterdam in plenty of time to catch the last flight to Nairobi, which would have gotten us into Nairobi at about 8:30pm or so on Tuesday night.  Stay Tuesday night in Nairobi, then drive all day Wednesday to get to Kisumu.

Here’s what really happened: We boarded the plane as scheduled in Fort Wayne, then were asked to de-board as there was a maintenance issue that needed to be looked at.  By the time a mechanic arrived, checked the plan, and deemed it worthy of passengers, we had already missed our connecting flight to Amsterdam.  We opted to travel to Detroit anyway, and stay the night there, but on arrival we were able to get on a different flight to Amsterdam that left in about 30 minutes.  The attendant basically printed our new boarding passes and told us to run.  We all made it safely on that flight, and arrived in Amsterdam just a bit too late to catch our original flight to Nairobi.  However, we were able to board a different flight leaving for Nairobi, and arrived in Nairobi at 6:30am on Wednesday morning.  This miraculously put our itinerary back on schedule, with the exception of the night’s stay in Nairobi.  We just skipped that.

SO, 3 missed flights, 3 new flights, 4 missing checked bags (out of 20…not bad considering all the crazy switches we had to do!), and an insanely bumpy, dusty van ride (of 8 hours) later, we are safe and sound in Kisumu and busy preparing VBS supplies for our first day of VBS tomorrow.

We are staying with the Meeker’s at a house just a few minutes walking time from Point of Grace school, where we will be working for the next week.  5 members of our team are in tents in the yard, the rest are in the house in beds and bunk beds.  Nice and cozy, but we are all VERY thankful for a bed and shower after our looooooong travel time the past 3 days.

But, what made it ALL worth it was getting to Skype with the CLS chapel tonight.  It was 8:00pm for us here in Kisumu, 1:00pm back in New Haven.  I don’t know about those of you who were sitting in the gym listening, but when these children here sing about their Savior, I am completely overwhelmed with emotions.  Here, they have so little.  Many of these children have little or no family.  And yet they sing loudly, praising their Maker for all of His many blessings.  This is truly what it’s all about, isn’t it?  🙂


Continued prayers for our trip are welcomed and appreciated.  Specific needs from the trip so far include: prayers that the rest of our luggage makes it to the Kisumu airport tomorrow as hoped…prayers that the first day of VBS goes well, and that the children learn more about their Savior…prayers that we are all able to get a good night’s sleep tonight after a rocky 3 days.  We will need all the energy we can get.


One thought on “Traveling, Traveling, Traveling…and Skype!

  1. Cheryl Brockmann October 16, 2013 / 2:25 PM

    wishing all of you in Kenya a blessed week with so much to accomplish and enjoy. LOVE the tent!!!!! and getting to be within walking distance of school. Be Safe and valuable to everyone!!!

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