Day 1 of VBS and Construction

(Side note before getting started on today’s post…I am sitting in a hut-shaped gazebo area in the Meeker’s backyard, swatting mosquitos, enjoying the cool night air, and watching a bat fly around near my head.  This was for you, Mom.  Hehe…)


Today was our first day of VBS.  We started at 8am with an opening chapel with the whole school.  (Point of Grace Academy is the school the Meekers are in charge of along with Compassionate Care Ministry.  We did VBS with all of the students there, over 300 students.)  VBS started at 9:00am with music led by Ruth and myself.  Ruth, Cindy, Shirley, and I performed the story of The Unmerciful Servant, which was our parable for the day.  Pastor Stecker did an opening based on the skit, and then the kids were divided up and we were off to our stations.


Bryan, Tom B., and I had crafts today.  Since part of our craft was in one of the missing suitcases, we made almost the entire craft.  It was bead necklaces.  They were supposed to have a large cardboard heart to string on and decorate as well, but the hearts were on their way here from Amsterdam.  The kids loved making the necklaces, and we quickly learned that there was no way we could have packed enough beads to satisfy their artistic desires.  It was difficult to say no when they asked for more beads, more beads…but we had to, as we had three groups to work with today!  🙂


Games were led by Shirley, Don, and Ruth.  They did relay races where the kids had to dress up in funny hats, clothes, leis, etc and run back and forth.  They also did a game with Cool Whip lid frisbees that many of you sent in decorated for us.  (Thank you for your donations!!  The kids loved them!!)


Each day we are doing a project as one of our stations that will stay at the school or go to a family in need.  We wanted to get across the idea that it is just as fun to give as it is to receive.  The whole idea of helping others outside of yourself.  Today’s project was led by Cindy, Tom D., and Pastor Chase.  They had the students work together to decorate three different crosses, which will hopefully be hung somewhere in the school or chapel.  One had the name of each child written on it, one was decorated with different colored ribbons, and one was covered in greenery and flowers.  Each unique and wonderful.


When VBS was over, we got to help serve the kids lunch.  Every bowl was scraped clean, and there was very little leftover from the giant kettle we started with.  Today’s lunch menu was different kinds of beans with a little meat, held together with some kind of sauce.  A few of us tasted it when we were done serving, and it had a great flavor!


After lunch, a few team members went to work with a medical team that is also in town working with the Meekers this week.  They helped check patients in, learned how to take blood pressure, counted pills, and got a good feel for how a medical clinic is usually run here.  They didn’t need many helpers since they had gotten through so many patients while we were teaching VBS this morning, so most of us went up to the school to start working on our construction projects.


Construction today was getting one of the new classrooms prepped to paint tomorrow.  First step was to sand any rough edges in the cement walls with pieces of sand paper.  Next all of the cracks were filled with “filler” as they called it.  Then, after the filling was dry, you had to sand the rough spots off of that as well.  By the end of the afternoon, we had one room all sanded and filled, ready for the primer coat tomorrow afternoon.


Tomorrow is day 2 of VBS and more construction!

Thank you for your continued prayers while we are away.  Prayers of thanksgiving can be prayed tonight: thanks that our remaining suitcases made it here safe and sound, thanks that after a good night’s sleep and a shower we were all set and ready to go today for our day today, and thanks for the opportunity to be around God’s people here in Kenya.

(Another side note before I end…a gecko friend crawled into our gazebo while I was typing, and our bat friend is hanging out (literally) over by the door to the house.  I hope he eats every mosquito he sees.  Ha.)


One thought on “Day 1 of VBS and Construction

  1. Sue Schumm October 17, 2013 / 5:38 PM

    Thanks for the update and pictures! Praying daily for all of the mission team, the children and the Meekers….. Blessings<3 Sue

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