Last Day of VBS…Fun with the Kids…Gift Packing


Today was a busy but FUN day!

Today was our final day of VBS.  Our story for the day was The Prodigal Son.  Our skit actors were Shirley, Tom B., Bryan, and Tim.  This was our longest skit, and the group did a great job!


Games today were led by Bryan, Tim, and Tom D.  They played tag.  The kids who were “it” wore funny animal hats and masks on their heads.  The kids LOVED it!  They also did some jump roping again, since it was such a big hit yesterday.


Crafts were led by Cindy, Ruth, and Don.  The kids made “Forgiveness Books” out of cardstock and ribbon.  They used these books to write about a time they forgave someone.  It went really well with the story for today.


I was part of the Project group today with Shirley and Tom B.  Our project was to make felt banners to decorate the classrooms at the school.  The kids cut small felt pieces in many different shapes, and then we glued them onto banner backgrounds that we had made ahead of time.  They turned out really neat, and I think they will be a fun way to bring some color and fun into the classrooms.


Today our lunchtime was a little different than normal.  Instead of serving the kids lunch, all of the boarding school students from Point of Grace came up to the Meeker’s house for lunch.  115 students, all eating lunch in the backyard…and you could barely tell they were there!  I was impressed with their behavior while in line waiting for food and while eating their meals.


After we all finished lunch, we got to hang out with the kids all afternoon.  We ended up not having time left for construction, but it was time that was definitely well spent.  We told stories, took goofy pictures, and spent some time bonding with the kids that we are working to sponsor.  There are some wonderful children here, and they are absolutely the reason we do what we do with this mission.  Many of them were asking about their sponsors, so know that your support is very much appreciated!



Tonight after dinner we gathered together all of the gifts from sponsors, donations, and leftover VBS supplies.  We put things out on table tops in an assembly line format, and then worked to fill bags of stuff for the kids at the school.  There were 29 sponsor gifts sent along with the team in our suitcases.  Then we packed 128 bags in all: 30 of them had quilts; of the remaining 98, all of them had Cool Whip lid frisbees, and almost every one had a pair of flip flops.  Each boarding child at the school will receive one of these bags tomorrow when we meet with them tomorrow.  Lorna told us that it will be like Christmas at their house.  God truly is so good!


Continued prayers are appreciated!  God has surely heard them all to this point.  Specific requests include the many children who are being baptized tomorrow.  Pray that their faith is strengthened as they grow to learn more about Jesus.


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