Mud Hutting is So Fun!


Today was another long work day.  The morning was spent with some of us finishing up painting in the classrooms at the school, while others went on a home visit to see Karen and Gordon, whom we brought food to on our trip two years ago.  I spend the morning taking pictures of all of the students at the school who need sponsoring, and also getting updated pictures of those who are already sponsored.  Then a teacher at the school helped me match up names with faces in all the pictures.

After lunch, we loaded the vans to drive out to the site of a new mud home that we were going to help build.  When we arrived, they had each of us grab two long branches to carry up with us.  This proved to be more challenging than it looked.  When we reached the site, we found that the frame was still being built.  We went to the current home of the family who would be receiving this new home.  The family is a young widow with four children, and also a boy whose mother and father both died, whom she takes care of as well.  Their current home is tiny, so the new home will be a huge improvement.


We tried to help with the building of the frame, but there weren’t enough hammers to go around, so many of us had to wait until the frame was far enough along to add the stones and mud.  We were able to get two and a half walls completed before we had to quit for the day.  The roof was almost all on as we were leaving, too.  For having a much shorter time to work on the home than we thought, we got a lot accomplished today!



Tonight we are busy packing bags for our safari trip the next three days.  We will leave early tomorrow morning and arrive there for a late lunch.  We will stay over, have an all-day safari on Friday, and then return to Kisumu on Saturday, probably by mid-afternoon.  I hope to get a blog update written on Saturday night about our safari experience.  There was not internet there last time, so I am leaving the computer behind for the next few days.  You will hear from us again on Saturday, if all goes well!!

Prayers for safe travel to and from the safari are appreciated.  Please also keep in your prayers the family receiving the new mud home, as well as the progress on the remainder of the construction of it.


3 thoughts on “Mud Hutting is So Fun!

  1. Sue Schumm October 23, 2013 / 3:58 PM

    Nice update Laura. Thanks! Praying for the family and for your safe safari travels ! Xoxo

  2. Karen Short October 23, 2013 / 5:56 PM

    We love getting these updates. All of you are such a blessing and we’re praying for a safe trip to the safari and for your trip home to New Haven. Did Shirley dip her arm in paint or is that a cast?

  3. Gayle Etzler October 26, 2013 / 2:26 PM

    What a wonderful experience you all are having. Laura, the updates help make me feel a part of this. I’ve been praying everyday.

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