“Safari” Means “Journey”…So Fitting!


Back from a break from blogging.  We arrived back in Kisumu today after a two-day safari adventure in the Masai Mara Game Preserve.  We arrived there on Thursday afternoon, and were able to enjoy a short sunset safari that evening.  We then spent the entire day Friday on an all-day safari throughout the park.  We saw MANY different animals, and lots of baby animals this time, which was really neat.  I took well over 200 pictures over these two days, so know that the choice was difficult when deciding what to include on the blog today.

On Thursday afternoon, we began our journey around four o’clock in the afternoon.  A great viewing time, as the temperatures are cooler and the animals are more active.



We saw plenty of zebra and giraffes, along with water buffalo, elephants, and various types of birds, impala, and antelope.  We also saw many warthogs, with babies, which were one of my favorites to watch.  They run with their tails up in the air, and it is just so cute!

The amount of elephants we saw was incredible.  They were for the most part very close to the road as well, which made viewing easy and fun.


The highlight of our sunset safari time was coming across a group of lions who had just finished eating a zebra.  There were female lions and cubs at this site.  They were all very lazy, as they had just eaten.  Fat and happy!  The cubs were pretty playful, but the mothers just wanted to sleep.


We started out Friday morning bright and early by getting up to watch the sunrise over the Mara.  While the opening song from The Lion King did not actually play while the sun was coming up, it was still a gorgeous site to see.  I especially liked the way the light bounced off of rocks and trees nearby, giving everything and orange glow.  What a great start to our day!


We had a great start to our day!  We saw many of the same animals as Thursday, with some new ones thrown into the mix.  There was a rhino spotting, but when we got over there, it had gone into the bushes to hide.  So close!  It is always amazing to stop and realize that this place is not a zoo, and these are wild animals.  They are unpredictable, and you may not get to see everything you want to.  You may also get to see more than you could ever imagine!


The highlight of our Friday safari was watching zebras and wildebeest migrate across the river.  We were a few weeks too late to see the Great Migration, so most of the wildebeest had already migrated.  We were fortunate to see some of the remaining ones on our trip.


Well, along with zebras in the river, there were also some eager crocodiles waiting…watching…for the perfect chance to strike.  We think they pick out the weakest or oldest zebras to pass by before trying to attack.  We weren’t there more than five minutes before a crocodile went after a young zebra.  This little guy was not lucky enough to make it to the other side.  It took just seconds, and the zebra was underwater, being dragged down by the crocs.  Then a feeding frenzy took place as at least 20 crocodiles showed up for lunch.  As sad as we were for the zebra, it was incredible to watch the whole scene play out.  It truly is never dull on safari!


By 4pm on Friday we had to be out of the park, as our pass was only good for 24 hours.  Once we left, we stopped at a Masai Village on the way back to camp.  While there, our guide took us around and described what life is like for the Masai tribe.  They showed us how they start fires, and how they share the flames to cook.  We also got to see the inside of one of the homes.  Then a group of women from the village came out to sing a welcome song and dance for us (Shirley joined in!).  Before leaving, we had the chance to visit an area where the women had out jewelry and other crafts they had made and were selling.  Of course we had to show our support and buy a few trinkets to take home.



The past few days were definitely completely different from everything we’ve been doing so far this trip.  It is incredible to get out into God’s untouched creation and see things that others only dream of seeing.  We also discussed that seeing things like a crocodile eating a zebra is a real picture of how sin works in the world.  God has a lesson for us in every aspect of His creation.  To Him be the glory!!


One thought on ““Safari” Means “Journey”…So Fitting!

  1. Kim Doster October 26, 2013 / 2:22 PM

    Can’t wait to hear about all the fun & awesome work! Please tell my Mom & Don we love them & the kids miss them 🙂 Safe travels home!

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