One Week Back…Reflections


Well, I don’t know about my teammates, but this past week I have definitely been experiencing the post-trip depression that Pastor Stecker warned us all about.  It did not strike me as hard as 2 years ago when we returned, but it is definitely still there.

A mission trip, no matter how short or long, is such an emotional, spiritual high.  You’re on a mountain while you’re there, serving others, helping those who need your help, and building new relationships along the way.  What an incredible and truly hard to describe experience.

As a final Kenya update post, I thought I’d leave you with some words from a song by Caedmon’s Call, called “Two Weeks in Africa.”  Somehow they managed to fit into just shy of four minutes a completely accurate summary of what I just experienced while serving in Kenya.

My favorite line is this:  “We put the walls up, but Jesus keeps ’em standing.  He doesn’t need us, but He lets us put our hand in, so we can see His love is bigger than you and me.”

That’s it.  Right there.  God could do all of this work Himself.  And really, He is doing all the work.  We just get to be a part of it.  What an awesome gift He has given to our team, and an amazing opportunity He has given to our church as we continue to support His church in Kenya.

God is so good, He’s so good to me.


One thought on “One Week Back…Reflections

  1. Julie leffin November 5, 2013 / 8:15 PM

    Great job Miss Laura! Thank you for sharing your God-given abilities with those of us who love and care about you and the mission work you do. God bless.

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