Science is FUN!!

We have officially finished our entire Science book for the year.  We celebrated today by learning about 4 Science items that were not in our book.  In the words of one student, “This was the best Science lesson EVER!”  Apparently we had fun.  🙂

We learned about Physical and Chemical Changes.  Physical Changes are when you change the appearance of an object or substance, but it doesn’t become a new substance.  We folded paper to demonstrate how the shape changed, but it remained paper.



Chemical Changes are when an object or substance changes into another substance.  Examples included burning paper and wood, rust on metal, gasoline being burned within a car, and, our favorite: Diet Coke and Mentos.  🙂


(JUST missed the height of the “explosion”.  It was QUITE the reaction!!)

We also learned about Solutions and Mixtures.  Solutions are when two or more substances are combined, but cannot be separated again.  Examples we talked about were lemonade, Kool-Aid, and food coloring with water.  Mixtures are when two or more substances are combined, and they CAN be separated again.  Examples were fruit salad and trail mix.  Trail mix was our personal favorite.  🙂


What a fun afternoon!  We are ready to put our Science books behind us and move onto more out-of-the-box Science fun!  🙂


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