Swiss Heritage Village Field Trip 2014

This past Friday was our field trip to Swiss Heritage Village in Berne, IN.  Every fall they hold a special Education Day, and it is AWESOME.  The kids get to do all sorts of hands-on games, activities, and demonstrations.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this (and do some explaining in the captions, of course).

First thing we all did and loved was the old fashioned merry-go-round.  You sat down…the volunteers wound it up…and then they let it go!!  Great fun.




Here’s a video of some of our riders…it wasn’t as bad as they made it sound.  Hehe…

The next area that quite a few groups enjoyed was the music station.  They were taught how to play various instruments, and then had a little jam session with the volunteers!



Check out how one of our groups did!

Other stops in the first area included the barn, where you could make soap, milk a goat, play with baby chicks, learn about weaving, and do woodworking.  There was also a face-painting station…not sure how historically accurate that was, but the kids sure enjoyed it!






The second area had a bunch of lively outdoor games, along with a schoolhouse and a doctor’s office.  We, of course, took full advantage of the games, but managed to find some time for some learning in the schoolhouse and doctor’s office as well.








The last area we hit before lunch was the fur trade area.  There were some Native American traders, along with a fur trader, who sat and showed you their goods, talked about the trading business, and tried to sell you things.


We had lunch in the SHADE (soooo hot out!), and then were back at it for two more areas of our day.  The fourth area we visited included more games, some dance lessons, and the free ice water station (yay!).  There were also some activities you could do in that area, including candle dipping, sawdust doll making, and a few other pioneer toys and crafts.




Tug of War was a fun one…here is a video of two of our groups battling each other.

And of course, I must share with you our awesome dances moves.  Even when tired and hot, we can still rock out in 4th grade!

The last area we visited was a Native American area, where they also had Swiss language lessons, and then back through the woods there was a Civil War encampment and a blacksmith.



SUCH a fun day!!  Thanks again to all our awesome parents who drove and chaperoned!  Our day would not have been a success without you!!  🙂


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