Grandparents’ Day 2014

Today was Grandparents’ Day!!  I love when the grandparents visit our church and school.  It is neat to hear them talk about their lives.  One grandparent I talked with today shared how he had taught at a mission school many years ago.  It was so interesting!  What an incredible wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and stories we can gain from interacting with our grandparents!  🙂

This year’s celebration was difficult for me, as I lost my grandpa last December, and just a few weeks ago was his birthday.  I love thinking back on all the times he supported me, came to my events, and showed the love that these grandparents showed to their grandkids today.  I hope that someday my students can look back and have great memories of their grandparents to cherish as I do with mine.

Our afternoon started with a chapel service in the church, followed by classroom time.  In our room, I let the students be in charge.  They had stories to share from our recent Tall Tales unit, art projects to brag about, technology to explain, and a fun (or frustrating, depending on who you talked to…ahem…me…) packet of brain-teaser puzzles to try to figure out.  It was a wonderful afternoon of bonding time, and it appeared that everyone was enjoying the day very much.

Thank you for visiting, Grandparents!  We hope to see you again at other events; or if you want to stop in for a visit any other time, you are more than welcome!!










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