2014 Fashion Extravaganza!!

This year, 6th grade and 4th grade teamed up for the first time to hold a Fashion Extravaganza fashion show!!

The idea behind this project was to work on our creative writing skills, specifically working with adjectives and figurative language.

The students were put into groups.  The first day’s assignment was to choose a model from each group, and create an outfit for that model- using the items we collected at the local thrift store.  The more mis-matched the outfit, the better.  Then, each student in the group was assigned to write a description of the outfit, making it sound like the most spectacular ensemble you’ve ever seen.

Bits and pieces of each group mate’s writing was put together into one description for the group to use.  Then, roles were assigned.  Each group had a model, an announcer, a stylist, publicity team, music, paparazzi…everyone had something to work on over the next few weeks as we prepared for the fashion event.

On the day of the Fashion Extravaganza, we converted our gym into a runway and invited other classes to come and see our work in action.  The models and announcers did not disappoint, but my personal favorite part were our team of paparazzi, all armed with iPads to take lots of pictures.

Here is a picture of our models, followed by a video of the Fashion Extravaganza.  Enjoy!  I know I did!!



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