National Lutheran Schools Week 2015

So, this entry is about a month late, but better late than never to talk about our wonderful celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week!!

On Monday, we had America Monday as our dress up day.  For our activity, we had a “Teacher Toss-Up”, where teachers traded rooms for a bit to read a story to another class.  While they were in that class, they shared a few facts about themselves and got to know some new students.


Tuesday was Character Day, where you could dress as your favorite book, movie, TV, or Bible character for the day.  We joined up with younger grades to read books to each other: “Books and Cookies”!




Wednesday was Crazy Hat and Silly Sock Day, along with probably the biggest hit of all in the activities category: Bouncy Houses in the gym!




Thursday was Pajama Day.  We met with our Chapel Partners to make fleece tie blankets and decorate cards for Phil’s Friends, an organization that sends out cards and care packages to cancer patients around the country.  Even though we had a snow day this day, we were sure to observe these activities the following week!







Friday was the final day, and the dress was Green and White for our school colors.  Everyone was geared up to cheer for either the Faculty or the 8th graders in the annual NLSW Volleyball game.  It was once again a deafening experience with all the cheering in the gym.  The teachers arose victorious for another year.  Better luck next year, 8th grade!!





With all the silliness and fun of the week, it is so awesome to remember why we celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week in the first place.  It is truly a blessing to be at a Lutheran school, where we can teach and preach God’s love to all of our students, and give them the love and nurture that Christ first gave us.  What an awesome job to teach at a Lutheran School!!


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