National Punctuation Day 2015

This past Thursday, September 24th, was National Punctuation Day!  (No, really!  It’s a real day!)  We celebrated by having English ALL DAY!

We started out our morning by reviewing the proper use of commas.  There are SO MANY uses for commas, it seemed most appropriate to make sure and be aware of the many different uses for them, and to make sure we used them correctly.  To help us with this, we made “Comma People” to go along with our practice.  They were VERY creative, to say the least.  🙂




Our next activity for the day drew attention to how we use punctuation while speaking and don’t even realize it!  Based on a comedy sketch by comedian Victor Borge, we created sounds and actions for different punctuation marks, and read them aloud phonetically.  Hilarious creativity with these, for sure!

Here is the original video:

Here is our take on the concept:

The final (and my favorite!) part of the day was quite intense, as we worked hard to save the lives of many sick patients, infected with “badgrammaritis.” Our Sentence Surgeons were on the case, and thankfully no one was lost on our watch!!








All around, this was an extremely fun and exciting day!  English class never looked so good!!  😉  I can’t wait to celebrate again next year!!  Happy National Punctuation Day!!

New Year, New Room, New Class…Same Fun in 4R!!

We’ve been back to school for half a quarter already…where does the time go?!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here yet this year…my apologies, dear readers!!  😉  I plan to use this post to catch you up on what’s been up with our classroom set up.

Last Spring, our room was chosen as one of three in the school to receive a 21st Century Classroom Makeover.  While we didn’t raise quite enough money to fund all of our big dreams, we were able to get newer collaborative furniture, extra projectors and Apple TVs, and an entire wall with a whiteboard surface, perfect for group projects, brainstorming, and other awesome collaborative activities.

Here is a before picture, when we were waiting on our new furniture to arrive:


And now, our fabulous new furniture has arrived, and we love it!!



So exciting!  I can’t wait to continue to figure out how all the new items work and continue to try new things with this new classroom design!!  🙂

Finally, I’ll leave you with these adorable pictures from the first day of school. Fourth Graders are One in a Minion!!