Christmas in 4R 2015

December is such a crazy month, with preparations for Christmas concerts and programs, adjusted schedules, and weekend commitments.  It’s nice once the dust settles to look back at all the fun we had around Christmas time in our school.  🙂

We did everything from sharing candy canes with cars in the parking lot to Christmas programs full of angels and shepherds, Christmas parties to art projects.  Below are some pictures to show what we’ve been up to at Christmas time in 4R!





I’ll leave you with one last picture from my Christmas celebration with my family.  Merry Christmas to you, and God’s blessings as we start a New Year!!


Greek Mythology Unit 2015

Right before Christmas break, we wrapped up our study of Greek Mythology.  This is always a fun unit, as both 4th grade classes are studying at the same time, and we get to switch classrooms for different weeks of the unit!  We learn about Heracles, the Trojan War, and other minor Greek myths. Also during this unit are various projects, both art-based and technology-based.  I would like to share with you some photos of the fun we had during this unit.  🙂


Pin the Snake on Medusa…hilarious game to watch and play!!  Remember…if you look directly at her, you turn to stone!!

Some pictures from our Greek scenes.  Students were put into groups, and each group picked a Greek myth we studied out of a hat.  They then had to pick the main scenes from their myth, map out how they wanted to “illustrate” each scene, and then do the illustrations using themselves as the characters.  All props, outfits, and accessories were created by the students with their groups.  It was a fun (and messy!) project.  Once we took pictures of all the illustrations, the next day each member of the group got to write a summary of what was happening in each scene.  These summaries and the pictures were then put in order to tell the story of their myth.  Summarizing skills, writing…and crazy messy fun!  Good times.



Native American Projects

Yesterday all of the 4th graders presented their Indiana Native American Tribes project.  Students chose a tribe from a list of tribes that live or lived in Indiana.  They spent time researching their tribe, and on the project due date, students gave a 1-2 minute speech, shared a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting their tribe with another tribe from the list, and finally brought in one of three project choices.

Students could choose from a food their tribe would have eaten:


(We had different types of bread, melon, different corn/bean/squash mixtures, and different types of venison!)


Students could also choose to make an example of clothing their tribe would have worn:

(“Miss Renzelmann!  Did you know that the Indians ONLY wore this! And nothing else!!”)


The final choice was to create a dwelling their tribe would have lived in:

(Lots of wigwam love in these projects.)


The students did a GREAT job with these projects!! Dwellings will be on display in the library until Christmas break, if you want to get a closer look.

Thanksgiving and Other Fall Fun in 4R

We have been having lots of Thanksgiving fun lately, and even though it is officially December now, I thought it would be nice to share what we’ve been up to during the month of November.

One of my favorite traditions are our “Thankful Cups”.  Every year, the students decorate their turkey cup, and we hang it on the “Oh Give Thanks” bulletin board.  Then, each day in November, we hand out two thankful slips, each with the phrase “I am thankful for ______ because…” written at the top.  Each child has slips with their name on them, and everyone in the class gets to write a reason why they are thankful for their classmate!  At the end of the month, before Thanksgiving, everyone gets their cup back, and they all get to read their slips together in class.  It is always so neat to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they read what their classmates say about them, even if they aren’t signed.

We also did a Thanksgiving themed Main Idea & Details review.  Students read a fact card about Native Americans, then showed their knowledge of Main Idea & Details by writing the main idea on their turkey’s body, with the supporting details on the feathers.  Informative, and also SUPER cute!!

To review multiplication and division facts, we did a Thanksgiving color-by-number.


And for even more fall fun, in Art class this month we learned about Warm and Cool colors, which were displayed nicely on our fall leaves!

I’m sad to see Fall go, but am excited to enter into December and all of the Christmas fun that comes with it!!  (Not to mention some other exciting projects and units as well.  Stay tuned!!)