Native American Projects

Yesterday all of the 4th graders presented their Indiana Native American Tribes project.  Students chose a tribe from a list of tribes that live or lived in Indiana.  They spent time researching their tribe, and on the project due date, students gave a 1-2 minute speech, shared a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting their tribe with another tribe from the list, and finally brought in one of three project choices.

Students could choose from a food their tribe would have eaten:


(We had different types of bread, melon, different corn/bean/squash mixtures, and different types of venison!)


Students could also choose to make an example of clothing their tribe would have worn:

(“Miss Renzelmann!  Did you know that the Indians ONLY wore this! And nothing else!!”)


The final choice was to create a dwelling their tribe would have lived in:

(Lots of wigwam love in these projects.)


The students did a GREAT job with these projects!! Dwellings will be on display in the library until Christmas break, if you want to get a closer look.


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