Greek Mythology Unit 2015

Right before Christmas break, we wrapped up our study of Greek Mythology.  This is always a fun unit, as both 4th grade classes are studying at the same time, and we get to switch classrooms for different weeks of the unit!  We learn about Heracles, the Trojan War, and other minor Greek myths. Also during this unit are various projects, both art-based and technology-based.  I would like to share with you some photos of the fun we had during this unit.  🙂


Pin the Snake on Medusa…hilarious game to watch and play!!  Remember…if you look directly at her, you turn to stone!!

Some pictures from our Greek scenes.  Students were put into groups, and each group picked a Greek myth we studied out of a hat.  They then had to pick the main scenes from their myth, map out how they wanted to “illustrate” each scene, and then do the illustrations using themselves as the characters.  All props, outfits, and accessories were created by the students with their groups.  It was a fun (and messy!) project.  Once we took pictures of all the illustrations, the next day each member of the group got to write a summary of what was happening in each scene.  These summaries and the pictures were then put in order to tell the story of their myth.  Summarizing skills, writing…and crazy messy fun!  Good times.




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