1st Annual 4th Grade Pioneer Day

Since both 4th Grade classes read Little House in the Big Woods this year as a novel study, we thought it would be neat to have the kids experience a little hands-on taste of life in pioneer times.  This year we held our first ever Pioneer Day, and it was a hit!!

We split our day into two sessions.  During our morning session, students learned how to make butter, sew on buttons, dip candles, and peel potatoes and carrots for our venison stew.  They also got to watch portions of the first episode of the Little House on the Prairie TV series.  Classic.  🙂

We learned that making butter is an arm workout, sewing on buttons is harder than it looks, dipping candles is messy, and peeling potatoes is pretty fun!



During our afternoon session, the students learned how to make yarn dolls, bake biscuits, and make different pioneer toys.  At the end of the day, we got to enjoy our venison stew that had been cooking all day, the biscuits with homemade butter, and a delicious dessert made by one of our parent helpers.



Special thanks to our parent and grandparent helpers for this day!  We truly could not have done it without you.  We know the students appreciated learning all these new skills, and it was fun to watch them step outside their comfort zone with some of our activities during the day.


**To see “live” updates from our day, check out Mrs. Sorg’s class Instagram account.  Her students were posting pictures and videos throughout the day of their experiences.  Lots of great glimpses of our day!!  (@mrssorgs4thgrade)**