Passion Story Green Screen Project 2016

This past week, Holy Week, we spent our Religion class recreating the Passion Story of Jesus.  The students used paper to create small puppets and props for their group’s scene.  Then, using green straws (thank you, Starbucks!!), they attached their creations and acted out the scenes in front of a green screen while reading their part of the story from the Bible.  Scenes were set on a background they found online, that went with their scene.  Wonderful creativity in the creating of their people and scenery for these scenes.  And what a great story to tell.  Enjoy this journey to the cross, which begins on Maundy Thursday and concludes after Jesus rose on Easter Sunday.  Christ is risen!!


2 thoughts on “Passion Story Green Screen Project 2016

  1. mrsschian April 2, 2016 / 4:55 PM

    Your lessons always inspire me, Laura! Thanks for sharing. Did you use the Do Ink Green Screen app? Do you have any tips for beginning iPad users (and younger kids, ’cause I teach 2/3) if we try something like this?

    Have a great spring break!

    • laurarenzelmann April 10, 2016 / 2:39 PM

      For first time users, I would just be sure that you take some time to play around with it beforehand in case they have questions on using the app itself. We did use the Do Ink Green Screen app. The only issues we ran into were my kids hitting the blue play button instead of the record button when filming, and finding a way to get the videos to me since they were too large to email. We used air drop to my iPad, then I added them all to a Google Drive folder. Stitched them all together in iMovie for our final full-length video. There me be shortcuts in this process, but that’s what we did!! 🙂 Let me know if you have more questions. They LOVED doing this!!

      (Also, avoid green and teal/turquoise clothing for your people unless you want them see-through. Hehe!)

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