National Park Service Centennial!

We recently wrapped up a study of the different National Parks in the United States. Since this year is the celebration of the National Park Service Centennial, it seemed like a great time to introduce our 4th graders to all of the amazing sites that are protected by the NPS.

To set the scene in our room, we had camping-style decor (that we actually “camped out” in!).


Our big project was creating a brochure about one of the National Parks.  Each student researched a different park ( is an AMAZING resource!!), and found facts to share about their park.  We created the brochures, as well as bookmarks and trading cards, to share with one of the 2nd grade classes, who were studying Yellowstone National Park.  It was a blast sharing our research with such a great audience.


As part of our research, we also created fact cards about our parks.  While working on our research, we were able to travel (via green screen) to our parks for a visit.  🙂


I definitely enjoyed this short unit, as the National Parks are some of my favorite places to take trips.  I hope some of our students were inspired to travel to a National Park someday!!  🙂

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