Christmas in 4R 2015

December is such a crazy month, with preparations for Christmas concerts and programs, adjusted schedules, and weekend commitments.  It’s nice once the dust settles to look back at all the fun we had around Christmas time in our school.  🙂

We did everything from sharing candy canes with cars in the parking lot to Christmas programs full of angels and shepherds, Christmas parties to art projects.  Below are some pictures to show what we’ve been up to at Christmas time in 4R!





I’ll leave you with one last picture from my Christmas celebration with my family.  Merry Christmas to you, and God’s blessings as we start a New Year!!


Merry Christmas 2014

Being that it’s Christmas Break, I thought, what better topic to blog about today than our Christmas festivities!!  I would like to share what we were up to during the month of December to celebrate the Christmas season, and I’d also like to share a few snapshots of my time at home with my family.

Early in the month, we had our annual Christmas ornament workshop.  Both 4th grade classes combined to make different ornaments and Christmas decorations at different stations.  Half the class worked on these projects while the other half did an additional Greek Mythology activity in the other 4th grade room.  Halfway through our time, the groups switched.  It was great to have moms and grandmas involved with our ornament making!  Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!IMG_1268




This December, I found a printable calendar online that had a different “Random Act of Kindness” for each day of the month.  One of the days said to “Candy Cane Bomb a Parking Lot”…so we decided to spread some holiday cheer and do just that.  It was a lot of fun to sneak candy canes onto every car in the school and church parking lot one morning.






The final week of school leading up to break saw MANY fun activities and preparations.  We were busy preparing for Christmas programs…




…spending time with our Kindergarten Book Buddies…and eating lots of sugar in the process…




…and finally, enjoying ourselves at our class Christmas party!!











After a crazy, stressful, jam-packed 3 weeks of December fun, it was nice to come home to my family in Wisconsin.  We had time on Christmas Eve with extended family, and have enjoyed many hours of game-playing, food eating, and family bonding.  We will cap it all off with our annual family board game tournament in a few days on New Year’s Eve, and then it will soon be back to Indiana and back to the daily grind.




May you all have restful, safe, and merry Christmas breaks, and I pray you all keep in mind the true reason for the season.  Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!


Merry Christmas from 4R!!

We had a great week in 4R, celebrating Christmas.  We spent much of our days preparing for our Christmas Concert this past Tuesday and also our church Christmas programs.


On Friday, we were able to celebrate Christmas in our room with a party before break.  Here are a few pictures from our fun afternoon of celebrating.


Our first game was very amusing to watch.  The students were given paper plates to draw a scene on, following step by step instructions.  The only problem was, they had to keep the plate on their head while they drew.  They received points at the end for certain parts of the drawing ending up correctly.  Hilarious.



Then we split into groups and played another game.  For this game, each group had to make a snowman out of one of their classmates, using only the construction paper, masking tape, and toilet paper they were provided with.  Also amusing to watch.






The last activity we did at our Christmas party was snacks.  Of COURSE we have to be sure to sugar everyone up before sending them home.  🙂  We decorated sugar cones to look like Christmas trees.  They were messy, sugary, and delicious.



Finally, before leaving for break, I was able to give my gifts to the kids.  It seems I’ve started a tradition of making these gifts for my class, and I love how great they look!  🙂



I pray that you all have a blessed, Merry Christmas with your family and friends.  Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!  🙂

‘Tis the Season…

…for being busy!  My apologies for not updating in so long!  We have much to talk about!!

Let’s see, where to start…well, just before Thanksgiving break, a few weeks ago, we got to read through the slips in our Thankful Cups that we made at the beginning of November.  It was neat to see why our classmates were thankful for us, and it was a nice way to kick off Thanksgiving week.



We also had some fun in Science class before break.  Students had the option of doing an extra credit project where they designed a vehicle that would carry a large amount of cargo.  There were quite a few different vehicles that came in, and each was able to carry the cargo along the course without losing any of the contents.  Once each vehicle completed the course, we discussed the best features of each vehicle, and helped give positive suggestions for improvement if the student were to redesign their vehicles.  It was a lot of fun to see all of the creativity that went into these designs.




After Thanksgiving break, we promptly switched gears for the month of December.  Christmas program practices are underway, we are in the midst of a Greek Mythology study with the other class (stay tuned for a future update on that unit!), and, of course, we had to decorate the classroom!  The first Tuesday back after break we spent the afternoon making ornaments with the other 4th grade class.  Half of us were making ornaments while the other half had an additional Greek Mythology lesson.  Then, halfway through, we switched groups.  This worked out great for ornament stations, and the Greek activities were really interesting as well!!

Here are our classroom Christmas decorations, all ready for the season:





The students also painted some gorgeous nativity scenes in Art class last week.  Jesus truly is the reason for the season!!



Merry Christmas!!

We’ve been very busy during the month of December.  In this Christmas post, I’m going to highlight some of the holiday things we’ve been up to.

We started the month with an ornament workshop so we could decorate our tree.  In addition to ornaments, we also made a giant paper chain to hang in our room.  (The chain will be seen in later pictures.)


We also collected many donations for a family in need in our area.  I was shocked and so thankful for the amount of donations brought in for our family.  Between the kindergarten and fourth grade classes, that family is going to be very blessed.


We also did a few art/religion projects to share the real reason for the season.



In the midst of December, we were busy at work learning parts for the Christmas programs at our different churches.  All the churches did a great job with their programs!


This past week we had our Christmas Concert at Park Hill.  It was a great venue!  The bands and choirs did an awesome job!

At the end of the week was our class Christmas party.  It was a bunch of fun!  We started our day by making gingerbread houses with our Kindergarten Book Buddies.  Then we had a sing along with the 5th graders in the cafeteria at lunchtime.  We ended our day with a great party planned by our room parents.  A great craft, fun games, and gifts, along with yummy fondue snacks, made for a great afternoon.




I wish you all a very blessed and Merry Christmas!  Enjoy time with loved ones this break. 🙂  I’ll leave you with some videos from our Christmas Day at school.  🙂