4th Grade Fashion Extravaganza 2016

Yesterday, the 4th grade classes hosted a Fashion Extravaganza!  Outfits were created from some of the most mis-matched pieces of clothing we could find. Then the students worked together to write creative descriptions of the clothing, in order to make it sound like the next greatest fashion trend.  Below is a video of our Fashion Show.  Our crowd was very enthusiastic, so a few descriptions are difficult to hear, but the students did an awesome job with this project!  And, let’s face it…they look fabulous!

Are You Ready for Some Football!!??!

This past Wednesday, we had an entire day devoted to one of my favorite sports: football.  The students walked in to our classroom in the morning to find it set up like a football stadium.


Our first activity was a football-style review game for an upcoming Math test.  The questions were displayed on the SmartBoard, and students answered them on their own dry erase boards.  If they got the correct answer, they advanced one yard line.  If they did not get the correct answer, they stayed where they were.  Any penalties would result in being sent back a yard line.  (Thankfully, no flags were thrown in our game!)  Questions were timed to keep the game moving.

Students were on two teams, starting in opposite end zones.  Once you reach the other end zone, you scored a point for your team, then turned around and worked your way back toward the other end zone.





After our Math review game was finished, we did two sets of football-themed centers activities to round out our day, with roughly 20-22 minutes per station.  Students were put into three teams for these, and competed as a team to complete all activities.  These centers covered many different topics across various subject areas, some new material, some review.  We had centers in English (idioms, types of sentences, onomatopoeia poem/story writing), Reading (fact/opinion, vocabulary matching), Math (measurement in inches and feet), and Social Studies (map skills).  For early finishers, there were bonus Math word problems on the wall to solve for bonus points or additional long division practice for our upcoming test.  There was no time to be bored during this day, and the time limits kept everyone on their toes!!



This was a fast-paced, high-energy day, full of learning and full of FOOTBALL!!  And perfect timing, too, with the NFL playoffs getting into full swing this weekend.  🙂

Are YOU ready for some football??!

National Punctuation Day 2015

This past Thursday, September 24th, was National Punctuation Day!  (No, really!  It’s a real day!)  We celebrated by having English ALL DAY!

We started out our morning by reviewing the proper use of commas.  There are SO MANY uses for commas, it seemed most appropriate to make sure and be aware of the many different uses for them, and to make sure we used them correctly.  To help us with this, we made “Comma People” to go along with our practice.  They were VERY creative, to say the least.  🙂




Our next activity for the day drew attention to how we use punctuation while speaking and don’t even realize it!  Based on a comedy sketch by comedian Victor Borge, we created sounds and actions for different punctuation marks, and read them aloud phonetically.  Hilarious creativity with these, for sure!

Here is the original video:

Here is our take on the concept:

The final (and my favorite!) part of the day was quite intense, as we worked hard to save the lives of many sick patients, infected with “badgrammaritis.” Our Sentence Surgeons were on the case, and thankfully no one was lost on our watch!!








All around, this was an extremely fun and exciting day!  English class never looked so good!!  😉  I can’t wait to celebrate again next year!!  Happy National Punctuation Day!!

2014 Fashion Extravaganza!!

This year, 6th grade and 4th grade teamed up for the first time to hold a Fashion Extravaganza fashion show!!

The idea behind this project was to work on our creative writing skills, specifically working with adjectives and figurative language.

The students were put into groups.  The first day’s assignment was to choose a model from each group, and create an outfit for that model- using the items we collected at the local thrift store.  The more mis-matched the outfit, the better.  Then, each student in the group was assigned to write a description of the outfit, making it sound like the most spectacular ensemble you’ve ever seen.

Bits and pieces of each group mate’s writing was put together into one description for the group to use.  Then, roles were assigned.  Each group had a model, an announcer, a stylist, publicity team, music, paparazzi…everyone had something to work on over the next few weeks as we prepared for the fashion event.

On the day of the Fashion Extravaganza, we converted our gym into a runway and invited other classes to come and see our work in action.  The models and announcers did not disappoint, but my personal favorite part were our team of paparazzi, all armed with iPads to take lots of pictures.

Here is a picture of our models, followed by a video of the Fashion Extravaganza.  Enjoy!  I know I did!!


National Punctuation Day 2014

September 24th is National Punctuation Day.  (It’s a real day!!  I promise!!)  What better way to celebrate the day than with an all-English activity day.  We learned about the value of the comma, made up sound effects for verbal punctuation, and attended to some sick grammarians who had a bad case of badgrammaritis.  🙂  All in all, it was a fun day!!

Our first activity, Comma People, helped us review the importance of using commas.  The students were to give 4 examples of proper comma use, and then create a Comma Person to go along with their examples.  While the examples were great, the Comma People creations were even greater.  Love the creativity!


Our next activity took more creativity, but this time in the form of acting, reading, and sound effects.  We watched a short video of Victor Borge, a comedian, performing his “Phonetic Punctuation” sketch.  After watching his inspiration, we created our own versions, using the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems.  Here is the video of his sketch, and then the video of our interpretations.

Our afternoon was filled with an activity we called Sentence Surgeons.  In this activity, the students dressed as doctors, and attended to sick patients who had a bad case of badgrammaritis.  Their job was to repair the damaged grammar using bandaids, and hopefully not lose their patient in the process.  We had a ton of fun with this activity.











National Punctuation Day!

Yes, look it up, September 24th IS a recognized day: National Punctuation Day!  We celebrated today by having English class all day long!!

Our first English activity was a salute to the comma.  Students had to think of 4 different examples of proper comma use.  After completing those examples, they used construction paper to create a comma person to attach to their examples.  Not only were there many creative and fun examples of comma use, but there were also some pretty amazing comma people!


After finishing our comma people activity, we watched a video by a classic comedian, Victor Borge.  He does a whole set called “Phonetic Punctuation,” where he assigns different sound effects and motions to different punctuation marks, and then reads a portion of a book while also reading the punctuation out loud.  Needless to say, we were giggling up a storm at certain parts.  Here is his video:

After watching, we paired up and did our own versions of Phonetic Punctuation, using the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems.  The students assigned their own sound effects to their books, and performed portions of their stories for us.  It was a hysterical way to bring attention to the punctuation we take for granted every day!

After lunch, our final activity of the day was Sentence Surgeons.  Students had to operate quickly to save the lives of their patients.  (Badgrammaritis is no laughing matter!)  By fixing grammar mistakes with small band-aids, the patients were revived to their proper grammar states.  It was definitely a blast seeing our classroom transform into an operating room for the afternoon.








We ended our celebration with amazing punctuation treats.  One of our fabulous room moms baked these for us (with special thanks to the Cheap Cookie Cutters website for the awesome punctuation cutters!), and they were definitely a treat enjoyed by all!!


Happy National Punctuation Day!!

Main Ideas, Synonyms…and Our First Math Test!

This week we had a few big topics to study.  Our theme during Reading this week was Main Idea & Details.  To help get the hang of this concept, we did a few different activities during our centers time.

For one activity, the students read a fact card about an animal of their choosing.  Then, they created a “table” where the table top was the main idea of their fact card, and all of the supporting legs were details from their fact card.  These turned out really neat, and most of them stood on their own!  🙂


All of the completed tables



A few close ups of the tables

The other Main Idea & Detail activity that we did was a sorting activity.  The students were given 2 main ideas, and 10 details.  They had to decide which details went best with which main idea, and then cut out and glue the pieces onto an ice cream cone.


The main idea is on the cone, and the details are on the scoops.  Some of the details were tricky to match to their main idea, so this activity took longer than many students thought it would at first!

In English this week, we talked about complete sentences and synonyms.  We made “helping hands” to help us remember the different parts of a complete sentence (5 parts/5 fingers: capital letter, end mark, subject, verb, makes sense) and taped them to each student’s desk to help with future writing activities.  We also made “synonym rolls” to help explore the world of words beyond “big”, “small”, “happy”, and “sad.”  We were hungry for vocabulary!


Close up of a “roll”: the word they started with went in the middle, and the synonyms went around the swirl.  (This one even has some frosting!)


Cooking up some delicious adjectives.  Yum!

Finally, this week was our first Math test.  To help review, we had some volunteers help out by becoming large numbers for us.  Those in their seats had to write the different numbers in word form, expanded form, find the place and value of certain digits, and round the numbers.


(They were having more fun than it appears…I caught them off-guard.)

Another fun week in 4R!