Are You Ready for Some Football!!??!

This past Wednesday, we had an entire day devoted to one of my favorite sports: football.  The students walked in to our classroom in the morning to find it set up like a football stadium.


Our first activity was a football-style review game for an upcoming Math test.  The questions were displayed on the SmartBoard, and students answered them on their own dry erase boards.  If they got the correct answer, they advanced one yard line.  If they did not get the correct answer, they stayed where they were.  Any penalties would result in being sent back a yard line.  (Thankfully, no flags were thrown in our game!)  Questions were timed to keep the game moving.

Students were on two teams, starting in opposite end zones.  Once you reach the other end zone, you scored a point for your team, then turned around and worked your way back toward the other end zone.





After our Math review game was finished, we did two sets of football-themed centers activities to round out our day, with roughly 20-22 minutes per station.  Students were put into three teams for these, and competed as a team to complete all activities.  These centers covered many different topics across various subject areas, some new material, some review.  We had centers in English (idioms, types of sentences, onomatopoeia poem/story writing), Reading (fact/opinion, vocabulary matching), Math (measurement in inches and feet), and Social Studies (map skills).  For early finishers, there were bonus Math word problems on the wall to solve for bonus points or additional long division practice for our upcoming test.  There was no time to be bored during this day, and the time limits kept everyone on their toes!!



This was a fast-paced, high-energy day, full of learning and full of FOOTBALL!!  And perfect timing, too, with the NFL playoffs getting into full swing this weekend.  🙂

Are YOU ready for some football??!

Christmas in 4R 2015

December is such a crazy month, with preparations for Christmas concerts and programs, adjusted schedules, and weekend commitments.  It’s nice once the dust settles to look back at all the fun we had around Christmas time in our school.  🙂

We did everything from sharing candy canes with cars in the parking lot to Christmas programs full of angels and shepherds, Christmas parties to art projects.  Below are some pictures to show what we’ve been up to at Christmas time in 4R!





I’ll leave you with one last picture from my Christmas celebration with my family.  Merry Christmas to you, and God’s blessings as we start a New Year!!


Thanksgiving and Other Fall Fun in 4R

We have been having lots of Thanksgiving fun lately, and even though it is officially December now, I thought it would be nice to share what we’ve been up to during the month of November.

One of my favorite traditions are our “Thankful Cups”.  Every year, the students decorate their turkey cup, and we hang it on the “Oh Give Thanks” bulletin board.  Then, each day in November, we hand out two thankful slips, each with the phrase “I am thankful for ______ because…” written at the top.  Each child has slips with their name on them, and everyone in the class gets to write a reason why they are thankful for their classmate!  At the end of the month, before Thanksgiving, everyone gets their cup back, and they all get to read their slips together in class.  It is always so neat to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they read what their classmates say about them, even if they aren’t signed.

We also did a Thanksgiving themed Main Idea & Details review.  Students read a fact card about Native Americans, then showed their knowledge of Main Idea & Details by writing the main idea on their turkey’s body, with the supporting details on the feathers.  Informative, and also SUPER cute!!

To review multiplication and division facts, we did a Thanksgiving color-by-number.


And for even more fall fun, in Art class this month we learned about Warm and Cool colors, which were displayed nicely on our fall leaves!

I’m sad to see Fall go, but am excited to enter into December and all of the Christmas fun that comes with it!!  (Not to mention some other exciting projects and units as well.  Stay tuned!!)

Tropical Rainforest Unit 2015

Well, better late than never on my FAVORITE unit of the year, our Tropical Rainforest Unit!!  🙂  I’m going to share some projects that we worked on throughout this unit.

We did all sorts of project learning, from hands-on creations to tech projects.  Some of the hands-on projects included: researching and creating models of the 4 layers of the rainforest…measuring out life-sized rainforest creatures and creating them to their actual size…a reader’s theater puppet show…and various writing projects that we used to add to our rainforest classroom decor.  Some of the tech projects included: commercials encouraging people to save the rainforest (made using iMovie)…and animal reports!  We also went on a rainforest-themed field trip to the zoo!!  Below are pictures and videos of our experiences.  Enjoy, and maybe learn something along the way!!  🙂


















Math and Science Fun Times

We have had a few Math and Science activities in our room lately that we need to share about.  In lieu of a chapter test in our Geometry unit, the students went on a scavenger hunt around the school searching for various geometry items, taking pictures of what they found on the iPads.  They then brought their findings back to the room to work on a Pic Collage, which showed and labeled all of their Geometry items.  It was fun, different, and a nice way to review not only what we studied this chapter, but how Math shows up in our everyday lives!








In Science yesterday, we reviewed what we had learned about Earthquakes, Fault Lines, and Volcanos.  To explore our learning further, we made “Plate Tectonic S’mores” and “Toilet Paper Volcanos.”  The kids had a blast, and of course making a mess was a bonus.  🙂






Good times were had by all.  🙂

New Year, New Adventures in 4R

Happy New Year 2015!!  It’s been awhile since we’ve had an update on our blog.  We’ve been back from Christmas break for a few weeks now, and have been hard at work learning many different things.  Our post today is going to focus

Our big push has been Math so far this month, with ISTEP testing just over a month away.  Thankfully our snow days have not been what they were by this time last year, so we’ve had a chance to get in some awesome review activities and introduce some new concepts.

To review for our big Long Division unit test, we played a little Math Football.  There were two teams, but each student solved their own problems on their own boards.  If the answer was right, they moved forward one yard line.  Once they reach an end zone, they scored a point for their team, then turned around and worked their way back in the other direction.  It was a lot of fun to see our room take on a different look for the day, and it was a great review for our test!






We have also begun learning about Area & Perimeter.  To introduce this concept, we brought in some tasty treats to help us out!





But, we can’t just teach Math all day long.  Just this past week, we had the opportunity to be in school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when other schools had off.  I say opportunity because I think it is so important that we celebrate the work of this great man, and teach our children to never take anyone or anything for granted.  It is eye-opening to many of our students to learn that people don’t always treat people fairly or equally.  If we can teach them to love and respect others now, what a great world we will live in when THEY are the adults!!  In our study of MLK, we did a few different activities, from reading various books about the Civil Rights movement to watching portions of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, to writing our own dreams.  It was a very meaningful week.











Tropical Rainforest Study 2014- Week 3!!

So much has happened in our classroom since last week’s post!  We have been hard at work, continuing our study of the rainforest.  This week was full of activities that helped us further explore this amazing ecosystem!!

First up, our collages of rainforest products.  Students searched through ads to find medicines, foods, and other products that come from the rainforest.  What an amazing array of items we would miss if our rainforests disappeared!!


This week was also our first time trying out the school’s iPads.  This was a LOT of fun, and the students were way better at using them than I was!!  🙂  We used a program called ChatterPix, where you have a still picture, but give it a “mouth” and record yourself talking.  When it plays back, the “mouth” moves with your voice!  Super cool.  We told about our animals from our rainforest animal projects.



Here’s an example:

(Neat, huh?)

My favorite rainforest project is Rainforest Superlatives.  We talk about a few examples of rainforest plants and animals that are either extremely large or extremely small.  Then, using yardsticks and rulers, the students drew out each creature true to life size.



Finished products:

The Rafflesia Flower: the world’s largest lily, measuring up to 3 feet across!


The Harpy Eagle: one of the world’s largest eagles, measuring up to 3 feet in height, with a 5 foot wingspan!


The Pygmy Marmoset: the world’s smallest primate, measuring only 14-16 cm long with a 15-20 cm tail!


The Goliath Bird-Eater: world’s largest spider, measuring an 11-inch legspan!


The Reticulated Python: the world’s longest snake, measuring 32 feet, 9 inches in length!


The Goliath Beetle: one of the world’s largest beetles, measuring up to 6 inches long!


Our last project for the week involved some practice in letter writing.  We wrote letters to our governor, asking him to help us save the rainforest!  Each letter was then attached to a rainforest creature of their choice and added to our classroom rainforest display!  Lots of great creativity with these!!






Stay tuned for more fun projects coming up next week!!