Tall Tales Reader’s Theaters 2016

We are nearing the end of our Tall Tales unit study, and one of the activities we do with our unit is to perform two different reader’s theater plays for other classes.  We performed a Johnny Appleseed play for our Kindergarten book buddies, and a John Henry play for one of the 2nd Grade classes.  Enjoy these performances, they were excellent this year!


National Punctuation Day 2016

This past Friday we celebrated National Punctuation Day with an English-themed day.  From comma studies to Phonetic Punctuation (by Victor Borge…hilarious, check him out!) to Sentence Surgeries, we had a packed full day of punctuation fun!  Below are pictures of our Comma People (where we practiced using commas in all their various uses correctly), Sentence Surgeries (where we operated on sick grammarians, repairing their grammar mistakes with band-aids), and a video of our version of Phonetic Punctuation.  Enjoy our National Punctuation Day fun!!