First Week of School 2016-2017

Welcome back!!

It’s been a whirlwind first week and a half of school.  We’re well underway with our Olympics unit (details to come in a future blog post), and have been busy learning classroom procedures and routines.

Much more to come this year.  I look forward to keeping you updated through social media.  Instagram is definitely the way I update most often, but will put special events, large units, and other exciting things on this blog from time to time as well.

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Can You Beat Miss R. at AR?? 2016 Outing

Today we celebrated the reading achievements of three students in our class.  Each year, I try to read books along with the students and take AR quizzes on them as well.  We keep track of the points earned, and on the last day of school, anyone with more points than me get a special prize.  This year we went on a bowling outing, where we bowled, played some arcade-style games, and ate lots of greasy bowling alley food.  It was a great time, and I’m so proud of these kids!!  (Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, they may have beat me with AR points, but I managed to beat them in bowling!)  Thanks for a great day.  🙂



Tropical Rainforest Study 2016

A favorite part of our almost month-long study of Tropical Rainforests is the puppet show reader’s theaters we do using the book “The Great Kapok Tree”.  It’s always so fun to see how the students create each animal, and also fun to hear how they use different voices for their characters.  I have included both productions of our reader’s theater for this year, as we performed in two different groups for the kindergarten classes.  Enjoy!!  🙂

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Passion Story Green Screen Project 2016

This past week, Holy Week, we spent our Religion class recreating the Passion Story of Jesus.  The students used paper to create small puppets and props for their group’s scene.  Then, using green straws (thank you, Starbucks!!), they attached their creations and acted out the scenes in front of a green screen while reading their part of the story from the Bible.  Scenes were set on a background they found online, that went with their scene.  Wonderful creativity in the creating of their people and scenery for these scenes.  And what a great story to tell.  Enjoy this journey to the cross, which begins on Maundy Thursday and concludes after Jesus rose on Easter Sunday.  Christ is risen!!

1st Annual 4th Grade Pioneer Day

Since both 4th Grade classes read Little House in the Big Woods this year as a novel study, we thought it would be neat to have the kids experience a little hands-on taste of life in pioneer times.  This year we held our first ever Pioneer Day, and it was a hit!!

We split our day into two sessions.  During our morning session, students learned how to make butter, sew on buttons, dip candles, and peel potatoes and carrots for our venison stew.  They also got to watch portions of the first episode of the Little House on the Prairie TV series.  Classic.  🙂

We learned that making butter is an arm workout, sewing on buttons is harder than it looks, dipping candles is messy, and peeling potatoes is pretty fun!



During our afternoon session, the students learned how to make yarn dolls, bake biscuits, and make different pioneer toys.  At the end of the day, we got to enjoy our venison stew that had been cooking all day, the biscuits with homemade butter, and a delicious dessert made by one of our parent helpers.



Special thanks to our parent and grandparent helpers for this day!  We truly could not have done it without you.  We know the students appreciated learning all these new skills, and it was fun to watch them step outside their comfort zone with some of our activities during the day.


**To see “live” updates from our day, check out Mrs. Sorg’s class Instagram account.  Her students were posting pictures and videos throughout the day of their experiences.  Lots of great glimpses of our day!!  (@mrssorgs4thgrade)**

NLSW 2016!!

This past week we celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week at Central (and at other Lutheran Schools across the country!). It is always such a high-energy week, but in the midst of all the crazy dress-up spirit days and fun activities, it’s such a blessing to sit back and reflect on WHY we celebrate Lutheran Schools.  What a blessing to be able to teach and learn in an environment where the Gospel of Jesus is preached EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  What a blessing to be able to pray together in our classroom, to share God’s love with each and every student that walks through our doors…there’s no place I’d rather spend my days.  🙂

Here are a few photos from our dress-up fun and activities from the week.  Enjoy!


Monday: Pajama Day & QR Code Prayer Walk



Tuesday: Time Travel Day & Cookies and Cards for Phil’s Friends



Wednesday: Sports Team Day & Inflatable Party




Thursday: Dress in One Color Day & Leo Lionni Author Study



Friday: Green and White Day & 8th Grade vs. Faculty Volleyball Game



Are You Ready for Some Football!!??!

This past Wednesday, we had an entire day devoted to one of my favorite sports: football.  The students walked in to our classroom in the morning to find it set up like a football stadium.


Our first activity was a football-style review game for an upcoming Math test.  The questions were displayed on the SmartBoard, and students answered them on their own dry erase boards.  If they got the correct answer, they advanced one yard line.  If they did not get the correct answer, they stayed where they were.  Any penalties would result in being sent back a yard line.  (Thankfully, no flags were thrown in our game!)  Questions were timed to keep the game moving.

Students were on two teams, starting in opposite end zones.  Once you reach the other end zone, you scored a point for your team, then turned around and worked your way back toward the other end zone.





After our Math review game was finished, we did two sets of football-themed centers activities to round out our day, with roughly 20-22 minutes per station.  Students were put into three teams for these, and competed as a team to complete all activities.  These centers covered many different topics across various subject areas, some new material, some review.  We had centers in English (idioms, types of sentences, onomatopoeia poem/story writing), Reading (fact/opinion, vocabulary matching), Math (measurement in inches and feet), and Social Studies (map skills).  For early finishers, there were bonus Math word problems on the wall to solve for bonus points or additional long division practice for our upcoming test.  There was no time to be bored during this day, and the time limits kept everyone on their toes!!



This was a fast-paced, high-energy day, full of learning and full of FOOTBALL!!  And perfect timing, too, with the NFL playoffs getting into full swing this weekend.  🙂

Are YOU ready for some football??!