Green Screens and the Passion Story of Jesus

We have spent this week leading up to Spring Break working hard on a technology project for Religion class.  The students were put into groups, and each group was assigned a portion of the Passion/Easter story from the Bible.  They then were to make people, props, and anything else they would need to act out their part in front of a green screen.  The catch was, it had to be small in size, as our green screens were just pieces of construction paper, and our people and props were attached to green straws (Shout out to Starbucks!  Thanks for letting us “borrow” them!).

Here are some pictures of the filming process today.  At the end of this post is the finished product, with all the parts stitched together to tell the greatest story ever told.






Dear Students…

I read this article last night, and after our first day of ISTEP testing, I couldn’t help but think that I should have shared this last night.  Even though I did not write this, the teacher who did must be a mind-reader, because I have thought everything in here.  Hang in there this week, kiddos.  I love you!!